Aug 31 - Jonah - Jonah's Anger

God is gracious, compassionate and slow to anger. He gave the people of Nineveh a second chance, and Jonah was angry that God used him to do it. So God grew a tree that made Jonah happy. When a worm destroyed the tree, Jonah was angry. God described His great love for the people He created and told Jonah he had no right to be angry that his little tree died. The book ends there.

Jonah seethes in anger and does not (or perhaps cannot) understand what God was telling him. Have you ever been angry with God?

Loss, heartache, injustice or a request that didn’t turn out like we hoped can lead us to be angry with God. In these situations, it's easy to become confused and wonder if He heard us or just said "No" to our prayer. And like Jonah, what we are certain of is the anger we feel toward God.